Specials at Louie’s Restaurant

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Stuffed Mushrooms in Crabmeat baked with cheese
Steamed Clams
with browned butter
$1.99 all day Monday
$3.99 dozen
Marinated Steak Gorgonzola
Clams Casino
ENTREESServed with choice of Soup or Salad
Shrimp & Pasta Purses
Sacchitti pasta filled with ricotta cheese and tossed in a Vodka sauce with Shrimp
$29Chicken Belletieri
The best of both worlds.. chicken and eggplant parmigiana
Veal Chesapeake
Veal breaded and baked in a garlic and white wine sauce topped with crabmeat and mozzarella with pasta.
$32Grilled Delmonico
12oz Delmonico steak grilled to perfection.
Sea Scallops Pan Seared and served over angel hair pesto or Baked Parmigiana Style
$29Steak Chesapeake
Our Delmonico topped with crab and cheese
Lobster Chesapeake 8oz Lobster Tail baked with crabmeat and mozzarella cheese served with fries or pasta.$35Lobster Tail
8 oz Lobstter tail served with browned butter with fries or pasta.
CannoliTiramisuAlmond Amaretto
February Martini Special ... Chocolate Covered Cherry
$9Ask About our Daily Martini

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